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Plague Achievement Achievement Name: "Big Bang"
Achievement Description: "Kill the DarkWater research team"
Value: 5 pts Difficulty: Hard

Big Bang is an Origin Story-related achievement for the Necroa Virus plague type. Following the Darkwater origin story, Darkwater claims that they have accidentally released the Necora Virus, and will attempt to find a weakness in the virus and zombie. However, the Player will blow up the team in the process, ending the origin event.

How to get this achievementEdit

  1. Start the game as a Necora Virus at the U.S.A. (Rurophile and Cytochrome Surge are reccomended, but not necessary.)
  2. Evolve Drug Resistance and Saliva 1 before there are 50 infected and before you are detected. This is VERY IMPORTANT.
  3. If you did Step 2 correctly, a pop-up should appear about Darkwater being "concerned" about a missing geneticist. Suspicious much?
  4. Keep evolving non-animal transmissions, such as Saliva, Blood, Water, Air, ect. While your disease spreads, two messages (not pop-ups, mind you, but news reels) will appear. The first is Darkwater denying a containment breach in the weapons facility. The second is Darkwater being shut down due to security fears. Oops.
  5. Evolve your virus to reanimate the dead after the disease has a firm root in other countries. A while after governments admit zombies exist, a pop-up will appear stating that Darkwater has released the virus accidentally and is looking for a weakness in the zombies.
  6. A while later, Darkwater will say they have found a weakness. Then another pop-up will say that Darkwater is testing the Z-REST device, a weapon that can effectively kill zombies. Evolve Autothysis (Cytopathic Reanamation<Anaerobic Resuscitation<Enhansed Motor Control<Peptide Surge<Acid Reflux<Naja Mortis<Autothysis) , and another pop-up will say that the research team was destroyed by an exploding zombie.
  7. Congrats! You've got the Big Bang achievement. Kill the world in any way you see fit, and you win.
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