Ape Rampage

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Apes gain ability to rampage against humans - targeting labs and rescuing captive apes

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Primal Hunt

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Simian Neuro-genesis

Ape Rampage is a tier 2 ability in the Simian Flu DLC. It allows apes to rampage against humans, with the following effects:

  • If the target country has a Gen-Sys laboratory, apes will target it, destroying it if possible.
  • If the target country doesn't have a Gen-Sys laboratory, apes will engage humans. This will highly increase disease transmission in the target country if Hominidae Bridge is evolved, but can result in a large number of ape casualties very quickly if they are outnumbered. However, the country will get a permanent boost in lethality, depending on the infection rates of the country and the number of apes.
  • When attacking a country, ape casualties will be much lower if the target country has a Gen-Sys lab.
  • Gen-Sys labs should be destroyed as soon as possible, because it will get stronger and harder to destroy over time. Evolving Primal Hunt and Weapon Creation is highly recommended if attacking a strong Gen-Sys lab.
  • Smaller countries like Iceland and Greenland can be completely destroyed with one attack, but only if you have enough apes.
  • If the country has uninfected apes, intelligent apes will infect them too.

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