Bat 1

The Shadow Plague icon.

Bat 1
Bat 1

DNA Cost

Nipah Virus: 0 (evolved from start)
Necroa Virus: 10
Shadow Plague: 9


Nipah Virus: Bats host a strain of the Nipah Virus that can infect humans
Necroa Virus: Host range broadens to include bats, which are hard to detect. Increase infectivity and mutation chance.

Next Transmission

Bat 2

Previous Transmission

Zoonotic Shift (Shadow Plague and Necroa Virus only)

Bat 1 is a Tier 1 transmission that appears in the Necroa Virus, Shadow Plague, and the Nipah Virus scenario. It allows bats to host a strain of the Nipah Virus which can infect people, and it is evolved by default. It also allows bats to be infected in Necroa Virus, which are hard to detect. This also increases infectivity and the chance of a mutation.

With its fellow transmission Bat 2 and the symptom Vampiric Hunger, it can form the Vampire Bat symptom combo. However, this is only possible in the Necroa Virus DLC.

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