Bone Dysplasia


Relentless bone growth with high mineral density results in severe musculoskeletal stress; lethal in many cases. Broken skin increases infection.

DNA Cost

15, (Necroa Virus) 16 (Frozen Virus)

Severity increase




Infectivity increase



Carnivorous Denticulation, DNA Repair 4 (Frozen Virus)
Cranial Elephantitis (Necroa Virus)

Bone Dysplasia is a Tier 4 symptom in the Frozen Virus scenario and a Tier 11 symptom in the Necroa Virus DLC. It causes relentless bone growth and musculoskeletal stress.

In Frozen Virus, it cannot be evolved without the DNA Repair 4 ability.

In the Necroa Virus DLC, evolving this alongside Anabolic Boost will unlock the Tank symptom combo.

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