Plague Achievement Achievement Name: Call PETA
Achievement Description: Make a celebrity cry
Value: Difficulty: Any

Call PETA is an achievement that may only be acquired in the Nipah Virus scenario.

Strategy 1:

Start as Nipah Virus.

-Do NOT evolve Dog transmission or lethal symptoms.

-Wait for a message saying Kim Shardakian got a Pugapoo dog.

-Evolve Dog transmission.

-Raise lethality.

-Sooner or later, it will say the dog dies and then you get the achievement.

Strategy 2 Edit

Evolve Hendra Traits.

Evolve Horse.

Devolve all mutated symptoms until pop-up.

After pop-up, Evolve Dog and any other desired transmissions.

Allow first tier mutations to evolve without you evolving symptoms. Devolve tier 2 or higher.

Evolve the abilities of your choice (temps, drugs, hardening, shuffles, etc).

Once the second pop-up appears, you've got it.


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