City Cams are a feature exclusive to Plague Inc: Evolved. It displays the state of a country. If it is healthy, the view is clear, full color, and peaceful. Eventually, as more people start to die, the screen will turn red, crack slightly and the picture will change to show the breakdown of society. If the country is destroyed, the camera lens appears to be heavily cracked, the view is washed out and drained of color, and the city is blocked with biohazard warning banners. Some countries will have banners of cries for the cure in the country's native language. As of Mutation 1.13, the number of city cams has been increased, with each countries having an individual city cam, most of which are set in the capital cities of said countries.

If the player clicks off a country, the City Cam will scroll through pictures of different countries.

Specific LocationsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • In Caribbean City Cam, there is a face of Che Guevara.


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