Neu Coma

Neurax Worm's icon

Stn Coma

Standard Plague's icon.

Description Neuropathic effects in the brain stem cause loss of consciousness and sometimes death. Significantly harder to cure
DNA cost 21, 8(Neurax Worm)
Infectivity Slight
Severity Very high
Lethality Slight
Previous symptom Paralysis, Systemic Infection, Aphasia(Neurax Worm)
Next symptom Brain Haemorrhage(Neurax Worm), Acute Encephalitis(Necroa Virus)
Coma is a tier 4 symptom. It is also available in the Simian Flu, Neurax Worm, Black Death and the Necroa Virus DLCs. It has neuropathic effects in the brain stem, which causes loss of consciousness and death. In the Black Death scenario, it is already evolved at the start of the game.

Of all symptoms that specifically make the plague harder to cure (Coma, Paralysis, and Insanity), Coma has the largest effect of all of them. This symptom has a low lethality rate compared with other tier 4 symptoms, meaning it is usually used to slow cure progress rather than to kill rapidly.