Plague Achievement Achievement Name: Contaminated Package
Achievement Description: Let humans spread the disease via blood transfusion
Value: 20 pts Difficulty: Normal

Contaminated Package is an achievement. It is achieved when blood contaminated with one's plague infects another country via transfusion. It is recommended to evolve Blood 1, Blood 2, Insect 1, Insect 2, Extreme Hematophagy and Drug Resistance 1 to have an increased chance to acquire this achievement.

One possible path to achieving this is: Genes: ATP Boost, Teracyte, Trans-Stasis, Base Hydrolysis, Extremophile. Pathogen: Bacteria. Difficulty: Casual. Starting Country: Egypt. Evolutions: Blood 1 & 2. Anaemia, Haemophilia, Internal Haemorrhaging. Insect 1 & 2, Drug 1 & 2, Heat 1, Cold 1.

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