For the symptom in the Frozen Virus scenario, see Cranial Elephantitis. For the symptom in the Shadow Plague, see Cranial Elephantitis (Shadow Plague).

Cranial Elephantitis (Necroa Virus)


Adenoma triggers mutated growth hormones which encourage bone growth in the skull. Gives zombie combat advantage

DNA cost


Severity increase




Infectivity increase


Next Symptom

Bone Dysplasia

Previous Symptom

Dermal Calcification

Cranial Elephantitis (Necroa Virus) is a Tier 10 symptom found in the Necroa Virus DLC. It causes the body to produce growth hormones in the skull which causes the bones in the skull to grow thicker This gives zombies a combat advantage without increasing any severity. Evolving this alongside the transmission Air 3 will unlock the Cranial Dispersion symptom combo.

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