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The Cure is humanity's last hope that eliminates your plague for good. Once your plague becomes spotted, cure development will begin a bit shortly after. Your plague can be spotted due to a symptom, or on Neurax Worm, a plane goes to a country that is targeted from the bonus. Delaying the cure is very important so you won't lose (evolve Genetic Hardening/ReShuffle, or make your plague more severe and/or lethal by evolving symptoms, or transmissions. You are only limited to three cure delayers on Necroa Virus, 1 Genetic Hardening and 2 Genetic ReShuffles). You will be warned about the cure development at percentages 25%, 50%, 75%, 95%, and lastly, 100%. If the cure progress is at 100%, development teams will rush to the infected countries which will of course, cure other people. If all the surviving humans are cured, its game over.

In Necroa Virus modeEdit

When playing as a Necroa Virus, it is possible to have cure progress become 100% and have all infected cured and still win the game. This is because zombies cannot be cured (they are technically already dead) and can continue killing healthy people, either permanentely or to be reanimated shortly after. Your biggest threat as a Necroa Virus is either Z-Com or one of the Origin Story threats instead of the cure, as Z-Com can protect a select country from zombies and the Origin Story threats (such as Darkwater) can create a weapon of a sort to effectively combat zombies.


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