Cure graph for mobile version of Plague Inc.

Cure Graph 2

The cure speeding up then slowing down

The Cure Graph shows you the status of the cure.

It displays two values charted over time, the Cure requirement and the Research conducted. Both are measured in terms of millions of dollars. When the research conducted reaches the cure requirement, the cure will be ready.

Genetic Reshuffle increases the cure requirement, while Genetic Hardening is supposed to reduce the speed at which the conducted research value increases (I personally have not observed it doing so).

Even if the cure has reached 100%, it is still possible to reverse it and make the cure ineffective, forcing the scientists to have to continue working on the cure. This is done by acquiring the ability Genetic Reshuffle, which increases the cure requirement, even after the cure has been deployed; due to the way the game works, if Cure Requirement > Cure Conducted, the cure cannot work, even if it has already reached 100%. This effectively halts the cure, temporarily.

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