Plague Inc. features several different types of diseases, each with different advantages and disadvantages. All types of Disease can be unlocked through completing the game, but they can be purchased as In App Purchases to bypass unlocking them manually.

Disease Name Description
Bacteria Most common cause of Plague. Unlimited Potential
Virus A rapidly mutating pathogen which is extremely hard to control
Fungus Fungal Spores struggle to travel long distances without special effort
Parasite Parasitic lifestyle prevents DNA alteration from everyday infection
Prion Slow, subtle and extremely complex pathogen hidden inside the brain
Nano-Virus Out of control, microscopic machine with a built in kill switch
Bio-Weapon Exceptionally lethal pathogen that kills everything it touches
Neurax Worm Manipulative organism that burrows into the brain
Necroa Virus Necroa Virus is unclassified. Early analysis suggests extreme regenerative abilities
Simian Flu Genetically modified. Increases ape intelligence but untested on humans...
Shadow Plague Sentient, mutagenic pathogen. Triggers a powerful thirst for blood!

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