Dracula is an origin story exclusive to the Shadow Plague DLC.

in Mutation 1.13, introduced the Shadow Plague to Plague Inc., and many new achievements just like Necroa Virus. Three of these achievements revolve around about the Historian that discovers the ancient map of Romania that mentions the location of Count Dracula's Tomb. The historian wants to find and discover it. After he discovers the tomb, the historian proves that Count Dracula is "Real Vampire". Pus Explosion requires that the historian had accidentally destroyed the Map because the cysts on his hands burst. Wolf Pack requires the player stop the historian from accessing Dracula's tomb by causing wolves to go rabid. I am your Father requires that the historian discovers and translates Dracula's manuscript that stating about his final days before was slain. He then proves that Dracula is drinking blood from its Victims, and then reveals Dracula has killed by an mysterious traveller. The historian then finds Dracula's killer has belongs to an secret group of killers. The historian says that a "mysterious Traveller" was mortally wounded by Dracula, and then reads the cryptic note about Dracula's Revival and his return. If the player performs an Blood Rage on Central Europe, Dracula has now been resurrected, his body brought back to life.

Activation Edit

Recommended genes:

  1. Start Everywhere in any Country Except Central Europe.
  2. Evolve Night Wraith and Therianthropy + Travel Speed 1
  3. Keep your vampire busy flying and make sure it doesn't kill too many people, or the events won't trigger.
  4. Watch for this News pop up that says - " Historian discovers ancient map of Romania "
  5. Evolve Shadow Blessing and begin to spread your Disease and set Lairs and collect some DNA
  6. After a while, this piece of news will pop up - " Historian's ancient map mentions Dracula " will show up. then evolve some Transmissions and the pop-up news entitled " Historian claims Dracula was real " will show up also. then the pop up will show and the news says - " Dracula's tomb real "
  7. Evolve Wolf 1 and 2. You should unlock the Wolf Pack achievement.

Trivia Edit

  • Dracula was inspired from the Gothic horror novel by Bram Stoker with the same name. Additionally, the character itself was inspired by the 15th-century Wallachian Prince Vlad III the Impaler, whose other name was Vlad Dracula.