The Festival of Love is a random event that may happen at any time, but may not happen at all in some games.

It can happen in almost any country, usually occurring in the players starting country. The key to the Festival of Love event is evolving the Nausea symptom. However, after this event, the disease will spread faster whether or not Nausea is evolved, multiplying the amount infected by several times. Evolving Nausea will, however, create an even larger spread bonus to what you would get without the symptom.

The following is the paragraph that comes with the news event:

Festival of Love in <name of country>: <name of country> celebrates the Festival of Love. Fans praise the replacement of International Kissing Day. Critics question hygiene standards

Neurax WormEdit

Genetic Swap is required instead of Nausea.

Necroa VirusEdit

Saliva 1 is required instead of Nausea.


Trivia Edit

  • The Festival of Love is also an event celebrated across the world, known as the Holi Festival in India.

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