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Fungal spores struggle to travel long distances without special effort.

Plague Type:


Plague Cost:

Complete Virus (Normal or Brutal) or $0.99USD


May 23, 2012, Version 1.0

In-game Description

Fungal spores struggle to travel long distances without special effort.


Like the previous two plague types, the Fungus plague type has all the same Transmissions, Symptoms, and Standard Abilities. The disease spreads through spores it releases, which are generally poor in traveling.  Its Unique ability is Spore Burst, allowing it to infect a random uninfected country. Another ability, Spore Hardening, allows them to ignore a good portion of climates, making the Fungus very infectious late in the games.

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Spore Burst (12) Release a small amount of spores that will infect a random uninfected country.
  • Spore Eruption (2): Release a huge amount of spores that will infect multiple uninfected countries.
  • Spore Hardening: Spore become more climate resilient and will continuously infect uninfected countries.



  • Cannot inherently infect other countries without carriers or Spore Burst/Eruption/Hardening
  • Relying too much on Disease spreading traits may not allow evolution of high tier symptoms. Using the gene Patho-Stasis can reduce this, making it easier to evolve all the Spore Bursts without draining DNA Points
  • This plague type is one of the longest plague types to beat due how slowly it spreads, even with the use of Spore Burst/Eruption/Hardening


Please see Fungus Strategy Guides.

Stages of Evolution Edit

Standard Plague Types


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