Scenario global warming

Global Warming is a scenario. It is the opposite of the scenario Ice Age. It makes it harder to spread in hot countries like Egypt and Morocco.


As taken from the Scenarios menu:
Huge releases of greenhouse gases significantly accelerate global warming and raise the global surface temperature by over 6 C as well as triggering other climate change events and flooding of low lying countries. Out of the frying pan?

What Happens? Edit

In this Scenario, more countries are dry and hot and less countries are cold, making Heat Resistance a priority. Insect transmissions can also work wonders in this scenario. The likelihood that a Natural Disaster may occur increases. You may also notice that Spain is no longer rich, probably because of drought.

Changes Edit

In this scenario, most countries have changed most weather conditions. Here is a list of the changes in each country that has been affected:

Country Weather in a normal game Weather in this scenario
Argentina Balanced Hot and Arid
Brazil Hot and Humid Hot and Arid
Bolivia Humid Hot and Humid
C. America Hot and Humid Hot and Arid
USA Balanced Hot and Arid
France Balanced Hot and Arid
UK Cold and Humid Humid
Germany Cold and Humid Humid
Poland Cold and Humid Humid
Central Europe Cold and Humid Humid
Italy Balanced Hot and Arid
Baltic States Cold and Humid Humid
China Balanced Hot and Arid
Korea Balanced Hot and Humid
Japan Balanced Hot and Humid
Kazakhstan Arid Hot and Arid
Central Asia Arid Hot and Arid
Afghanistan Arid Hot and Arid
Central Africa Hot and Humid Hot and Arid
Angola Hot Hot and Arid
East Africa Hot Hot and Arid
West Africa Hot Hot and Arid
Botswana Hot Hot and Arid
Zimbabwe Hot Hot and Arid
Madagascar Balanced Hot and Humid
New Zealand Balanced Hot and Humid
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