Description A cold and very sparsely populated country.
Population 56,483
Ape Population 3
Land border No
Airports No
Seaports Yes

Greenland is a cold island country. Though it is actually a territory of Denmark, Greenland is its own country in-game, as Denmark does not exist within Plague Inc., as it is part of Germany.

Greenland is infamous among players for being the most difficult island country to infect. Boats rarely travel there, only coming from Norway or Russia. Water 2 is highly recommended for infection, and Cold Resistance 2 is recommended for aiding in increasing overall infection speed in the country. Greenland has 3 research facilities and a population of 3 apes. The Fungus and the Special Plagues are ideal diseases that can infect Greenland, even after their Seaport had been closed down.


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