Greyscale is an achievement in the Shadow Plague DLC. It involves infecting the scientists investigating the skeletons at Stonehenge

How to get this achievement? Edit

  1. Start in Greenland.
  2. Evolve Therianthropy and Night Wraith and keep moving so you don't get spotted
  3. Wait for the headline "tourists topple standing stones at Stonehenge"
  4. Evolve Shadow Blessing and start spreading your plague. Make sure to devolve any mutated traits.
  5. Evolve Droplets and Fomites transmissions and you should get a "mutated skeleton found at Stonehenge" headline. Evolve all Droplets, Fomites, Air, and Water transmissions and keep moving. As long as you don't get spotted eventually you will get a pop up saying that your disease has somehow managed to bypass all filters and infected the scientists investigating the bones. This will give you the Greyscale achievement

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