How to Play menu is a menu which appears on the main menu, along with "Play" and "High Scores" on the Plague Inc. mobile version. It gives players basic tips on how to play the game.


The following tips appear on the menu. They are split up by their subsequent sub-menus. More information may be found in the slideshow below:

What to do when the game startsEdit

  • Select a country to start your disease
  • Begin to infect people
  • Collect DNA Points

What to do in the middle of the gameEdit

What to do at the end of the gameEdit

  • Kill everyone!
  • Revel in statistics
  • Win: only the strongest survive

Disease core statsEdit

Evolution categoriesEdit

How to spread your diseaseEdit

  • Inside a country
  • Between countries
  • If a country is locked down

How to adapt to different countriesEdit

  • Country overview
  • Country climate
  • Country demographics

The Cure and how to stop itEdit

  • What the cure is
  • How to defend against the cure
  • How to stop the cure

Special events and actionsEdit

  • Disease Research Teams
  • Mutations
  • Government actions

Slideshow with tipsEdit

The following slideshow puts all tip sub-menus in order. All tips are included:

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