Description A rural country. Typically has a hot, humid climate.
Population 1,457,015,015
Land border Yes
Airports Yes
Seaports Yes

India is a rural country with a hot, humid climate. The country has a higher population than any other country in Plague Inc., even higher than China.

It is highly recommended by many to start one's plague here, as it provides large numbers of infected people in a relatively short amount of time, and spreads quickly to other countries via its seaport and its airport. Additionally, starting in India helps make a plague more resistant to hot climates. 

Airport Links: China, Saudi Arabia, UK, USA, and Japan

Seaport Links: South Africa, S.E Asia, New Guinea, Saudi Arabia, France, Egypt, and Australia

Border Links: Pakistan, China, and S.E Asia

Research Facilities: 6

Ape Population: 18,416 


  • If playing as the Nipah Virus, the player's plague will automatically start in India, even if they click on another country.
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