Not to be confused with the Neurax Worm version.

Stn Insanity
The Insanity symptom icon.


Neuropathic action of the pathogen in the frontal lobe causes severe emotional and behavioural abnormalities. Significantly harder to cure.

DNA cost


Severity increase


lethality increase


Infectivity increase


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Next symptom


Insanity is a Tier 4 symptom. This symptom causes severe emotional and behavioral abnormalities in infected patients, making it significantly harder to cure.

Trivia Edit

  • If evolved in the Artificial Organs scenario during organ production and distribution, the infected will begin to tear out their artificial organs, causing a jump in the death rate and possibly interrupting the process of unlocking I never asked for this.
  • Insanity makes an appearance in the Neurax Worm DLC, with its price decreased to 10 DNA points and causing an increase in Lethality.
  • Interestingly, when combined with Paranoia, it can cause nuclear explosions, which are said to be sabotaged power plants. Likely, however, it is possibly due to a breakout of nuclear war. Such an outcome is implied by the achievements Chinese Nuclear Retaliation and Russian Nuclear Retaliation, both of which involve evolving Insanity as part of obtaining the achievement.
  • This is the only tier 4 symptom that does not increase lethality at all. As such, its main usage is to reduce cure progress.

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