The following is a list of diseases in Plague Inc, sorted in alphabetical order:

  • Bio-Weapon - A disease engineered by man to be extremely deadly.
  • Black Death - an incredibly deadly scenario, called yersinia pestis in-game, which is a recreation of the black death
  • Frozen Virus - A 30,000-year-old virus that was thawed recently.
  • Fungus - Spores that grow on or inside a body.
  • (the) Mad Cow Disease
  • Nano-Virus - An incredibly small virus with a built-in kill switch, which was also engineered by man.
  • Necroa Virus - a zombie plague 
  • Neurax Worm - a parasitic alien worm that makes the vicim do what it wishes inside the the victim's brain. 
  • Nipah Virus - An Indian virus which is deadly. 
  • Parasite - A microscopic animal that feeds off its host. 
  • Prion - An extremely deadly protein, like Mad Cow Disease, that affects the brain.
  • Smallpox - An extremely deadly, almost extinct virus.
  • Swine Flu - H1N1 Virus, an influenza strain which started in Asian pigs
  • Virus - An uncontrollable, incredibly small sickness that makes duplicates of itself in cells.