Description A poor, rural country. Typically has a balanced climate.
Population 22,924,851
Ape Population 278
Flasks 4
Airports No
Seaports Yes

Madagascar is a poor, rural Island country. It has a balanced climate, and is a few miles off of East Africa. Madagascar has a seaport that is linked to Saudi Arabia, Australia, and South Africa and a population of 22,924,851 humans and 278 apes.

It is a fairly challenging country in the game, and it is more of a challenge in the Shut Down Everything scenario. In this scenario, the country has 7 Research Facilities (as opposed to the usual 4), and as the game progresses, provides an extraordinary amount of research even for a country with 10 Research Facilities.

Madagascar was infamous among players of Pandemic, much like Greenland in Plague Inc. It was extremely hard to infect, since both countries could only be infected via ship transmission, and few ships ever came to either of them.

Gallery Edit

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