This is a list of Mutations, or updates, to Plague Inc. Mutations add or replace features, fix bugs, or both.

List of MutationsEdit

  • Mutation 1.0 (May 2012) - Original version
  • Mutation 1.1 (June 2012) - Added iPad support
  • Mutation 1.2 (June 2012) - Added Accelerated Unlock and iCloud support
  • Mutation 1.3 (August 30, 2012) - Added Neurax Worm DLC
  • Mutation 1.4 (October 2012) - Added Genetic Code
  • Mutation 1.5 (February 26, 2013) - Added Necroa Virus DLC, new population percentage bar helps players see the status of a country, and Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian languages.
  • Mutation 1.6 (July 2013) Added - Speed Run mode and CDC
  • Mutation 1.7 (November 25, 2013)  - Added new Scenarios
  • Mutation 1.8 (April 22, 2014) - Added Mega Brutal difficulty and three new cheats, as well as four scenarios, replaced RMS with WHO.
  • Mutation 1.9 - (July 11, 2014) Added the Simian Flu DLC, based on the virus from the Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie, minor AI adjustments.
  • Mutation 1.10 - (December 16, 2014) Added Special Christmas Scenario, Teleportation Scenario, gameplay updates, and updated world population.
  • Mutation 1.11 - (December 11, 2015) Added Double Strain Cheat, Plague School, Better Graphics, and a teaser for the next update.
  • Mutation 1.13 - Added Shadow Plague, status icon (of a blue heart) near an infected country with healthy people in it on the World Infection Spread table.
  • Future Mutation - Devs have reported that a Plague Inc Scenario Creator App (for iOS and Android) will be coming out.

Also expected is some bug fixes, qaulity improvements, and enhanced graphics.

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