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Out of control, microscopic machine with a built in kill switch.

Plague Name:


Plague Type:

Common Plague

Plague Cost:

Complete Prion (Normal or Brutal) or $0.99USD

Special Ability:

Broadcast Interception and Kill Switch Interception


May 23, 2012, Version 1.0

In-game DescriptionEdit

Out of control, microscopic machine with a built in kill switch.


The Nano-Virus is a microscopic robot with the ability to replicate itself. It was accidentally released from a science laboratory, and now humans are trying to shut it down by broadcasting a "kill-code" (functionally like the Cure) that will deactivate the virus. One must kill all of humanity before the code can be transmitted. 


Genetic Code - not necessary but if you are truly stuck here are some i like to use 

1-slot --- ATP Boost, or Cataslyic Switch.

2-slot---Aquacyte (to get those pesky places like Greenland, Iceland and New Zealand).

3-slot---Translesion (this helps you get unlimited DNA points just buy buying Insonmia then Paranoia and continuously get +2 DNA points).

4-slot---Genetic Mimic, or Darwinist (Genetic because the cure starts right away Darwinist so you dont have to worry about buying TOO many abilities).

5-slot-Anyone that you have helps but if you have Extremophile definitely use it.

1.) Start in India or China (if you chose China buy livestock as soon as possible. If you chose India buy insects as soon as possible).

2.) Buy Air One and Water One (if later on step 6 you have money left over and you dont want to start killing or just spending DNA points on abilities upgrade to water and air's Ultimate)

3.) Buy both Code Fragment Interceptions and get one Radical Elements Stabilized- you want to slow the cure as much as possible in the beginning.

4.) Buy Bird One, Blood One, Insect One, Livestock 1, and Rodent One- you should have one of every transmission. Since the humans start the cure immediately, you want to spread around the world as quickly as possible.

5.) While you're waiting, buy everything in the Drug Resistance column - both Drug Resistances, both Genetic Hardenings, and all three Genetic Reshuffles.

6.) Buy Cold Resistance 1-2.

7.) When every single country in the world is infected, buy Replicator Factory Overload to finish the job quickly, as the cure will no doubt be pretty high up by now (buy the next 'Radical Elements Stabilized' if you haven't already).

8.) Allow every mutation to stay; sell every Transmission.

9.) Buy Coughing, Pneumonia, Rash, Sweating, then save up enough for Necrosis (which is pretty expensive, about 40 DNA by then, maybe a little less) and hope that Skin Lesions mutates.

10.) Once you have enough, buy it from the Rash tree - a little quicker than the other route.

11.) Anyone who wasn't infected will get infected really quickly; the dead bodies from Necrosis become a Transmission.

12.) As the body count increases, you'll start earning DNA faster and faster; use it to get Insomnia, Paranoia Seizures, and Insanity- it'll slow the cure down.

13.) Sit back and win; if, by an extreme amount of luck, you get enough for Total Organ Failure, buy it.

14.) If they get the cure to 100%, but there's only a small, SMALL population remaining, get Broadcast Interceptor Overload. If you are very lucky, it'll buy you enough time to make it hopeless for humanity; if all the doctors are dead, they can't redeploy the cure.

This strategy is most effective on Casual, with about a 90% chance of success. Normal has a 70% chance of success and Brutal has about a 50% chance (Doctors never go home and everyone washes their hands; infectivity is lower than normal and the cure will go up faster).

Small Tip: If you look carefully, you will find that Insomnia and Paranoia costs 0 DNA points, which means if you use the Sympto-Statis, It will be possible to get a ton of DNA points by quickly evolving and devolving. Another easier way is to insert genes sympto stasis, genetic mimic and if possible extremophile. Then start in India. Next go to symptoms and evolve and devolve insomnia as much as you like (and youll get + 2 dna points the whole time while insomnia stays at 0 points to evolve). Then buy the radical elements stabilized and code fragments interception, possibly 1 and 2. Then drug risistance 1 and 2 then drug immunity. If you run low on dna points do the evolve and devolve thing. After that buy every transmission and genetic hardening 1 and 2 and watch the magic happen. If another country's harbour or airport is closed, don't worry. After a while it will say something like 'nonhuman infection in [country]'. Then, if the cure gets close to being completed, evolve a genetic reshuffle. Et Voila, you just beaten the world with the nano-virus (my record was 142 days!)

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