No Brexit is an achievement where the player prevents Britain (UK in-game) from exiting the European Union. You can get this achievement by increasing lethality.


'Brexit cancelled due to <plague name>*' 'Despite the referendum, the Prime Minister has decided to cancel Brexit due to concerns over <plague name>*. Leavers accuse her of betraying the whole country'

Guide Edit

Copied from the Steam guide by rjdimo and Solara570.

  • Devolve any mutated traits for now on.
  • Now wait patiently. There will be a pop-up for the Brexit event, which is entitled "UK votes for Brexit in referendum".
  • Save game. See which kind of Brexit you want to trigger and refer to the corresponding section below, if you want to try the other achievements.
  • Now, your disease should be spreading under the radar. Wait until UK is infected.
  • Once UK is infected, evolve Water 1 & 2, Cold Resistance 1 & 2, Rash, Sweating, Skin Lesions and Necrosis. You can make your disease as severe as possible.
  • Brexit is likely to be cancelled due to concerns over your disease. There should be a pop-up entitled "Brexit cancelled due to <plague name>", where <plague name> is your disease's name. Meanwhile, "No Brexit" achievement will be unlocked.

Note: As the guide creators said before, this achievement can be unlocked in various ways. For example, you can obtain this one while failing the others.

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