Pandemic is an online flash game similar to Plague Inc, and is what it may have been based off of, or may even be a spiritual successor to. Pandemic is very similar to Plague Inc., and has almost exactly the same statistics and transmissions. Its plague types are Bacteria, Virus, and Parasite

There have been two Pandemic games: Pandemic, and Pandemic 2 (the more widely-known one). 


Pandemic has stats that are named differently, and the Cure (called the Vaccine in Pandemic) instantly cures all infected instead of rapidly reducing the infected count. This gives the player no time to stop the vaccine after it gets finished. There are also less countries along with less symptoms, and players cannot pick their starting country. Instead, it is chosen randomly. The vaccine can also be made useless by evolving adequate drug resistance. Even the lowest difficulty presents the danger/possibility of detection even if the disease is asymptomatic, making it even harder to play than Plague Inc, as the "lay low, then evolve symptoms" strategy does not work. DNA Points are needed to unlock the next tier of symptoms, and there is also the possibility of symptoms mutating as soon as the next tier is unlocked, necessitating a very careful game strategy.

There is also the possibility of added random Attributes popping up at the beginning of, or in the middle of, a new game, such as Apocalyptic, where your disease has attention called to it by people believing it to be a sign of the end of the world.


Pandemic 2 Game
Pandemic 2 Main Menu


  • In this game, if a seaport is locked, a boat cannot dock. Therefore, sometimes there will be a boat stuck in the ocean due to all seaports being locked down.
  • It is also possible for a disease to become completely immune to Vaccine attempts.
  • There are 21 countries and 24 hospitals. 7 are islands which are Japan, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Cuba, Greenland and Madagascar
  • The Pandemic version of Madagascar is infamously well known among its players to be the hardest country to infect, with plagues often barely scraping into the country before its borders closed, or oftentimes just never getting infected and ruining an otherwise perfect game. Some may consider it as the equivalent of Greenland in Plague Inc. Both countries are present in both games, and Madagascar still gives players much trouble.
    • Among players of Pandemic, this led to a popular internet meme called "Shut Down Everything" which depicts the president of Madagascar being informed that someone has a minor symptom (such as a cough) and he yells this phrase and shuts the shipyards. This has even been referenced in Plague Inc. itself in the form of the Shut Down Everything scenario, especially with one of the achievements associated with it, Mr President.

The screen of a Pandemic game.

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