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Pirate Plague is a scenario similar to Volcanic Ash. In this scenario, there are only a few ships. Neurax Worm is recommended as a way to infect island countries. However, if one is not willing to pay, or if one is unable to take the time to manually unlock the Neurax Worm, Bird 1 will serve as an effective second option.

Recommendations Edit

Start in a country like Saudi Arabia that has the ability to infect multiple countries within a short amount of time. If desired, use a disease that has the ability to spread at an incredible pace. Fungus, Necroa Virus, Neurax Worm, Simian Flu, and Shadow Plague, for this reason, are ideal plague types for this scenario. The special plagues, including Shadow Plague, have Abilities that allow for manual infection of difficult island countries. Never start in an island country such as Greenland unless one is using the Neurax Worm and has evolved Trojan Planes 1, or the fungus disease type.
Scenario ocean piracy


As taken from the Scenarios menu:
Maritime piracy increases worldwide and poses a major threat to international shipping. Global sea transport and trade is significantly reduced, changing the way that people travel. How will anyone get to Greenland now?

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