Slow, subtle and extremely complex pathogen hidden inside the brain.

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Complete Parasite (Normal or Brutal) or $0.99USD


May 23, 2012, Version 1.0


Slow, subtle and extremely complex pathogen hidden inside the brain - it is much harder to notice and cure. Disease takes longer to react to new evolutions. 


The unique trait that Prion has in Plague Inc is Neural Atrophy, which is like Genetic Hardening, slowing down cure research. The prion also seems to spread slightly slower than most other standard plague types, and as noted in the game, the disease takes longer to react to new evolutions.


Please see Prion Strategy Guides.


  • Real life prions do not contain any DNA, being only proteins. However, in the game, there is a message "Prion DNA detected", a possible oversight by the developer.
  • Devolving Neural Atrophy will cause the cure effort to speed up.
  • It is also implied that Prions are contagious, when in reality they do not spread unless a person has prolonged exposure to or has ingested part of the corpse of a person with a prion.
  • Prions in the real world are responsible for causing Mad Cow Disease, Fatal Familial Insomnia, Kuru and Huntington Corea disease. They can have a time of incubation of even forty years, much longer than most other infections.
  • A prion-like mechanism is believed to play a key role in most neurodegenerative diseases, like Alzheimer, Parkinson and SLA, in which agglomerated of anormal proteins are accumulated inside or near neurological cells, slowing leading them to death. It's strongly suspected the process begin in one point, and then slowly spread to another healthy cells. However, in these diseases there is an important inflammatory response, while prions don't stimulate the immune system.
  • Prion's disease mostly affects brain, since nervous system is the most complex out of all, and deteriorates faster than other systems. However, prions can be found also in other organs.
  • Prions in reality are incurable and can be sporadic or inherited. However, treatments such as antibodies may be used to treat or cure a prion. So the cure may actually be antibody drugs. Such evidence for cure can be found here:

Stages of Evolution Edit

Standard Plague Types


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