Research Facilities are a feature in the coding of Plague Inc. and Plague Inc: Evolved which mediate how much cure research money a certain country has.

They provide a major challenge for the player in the form of cure development. Each country has its own research facilities, and each facility invests $1,146.56 daily for the cure. There are a total of a total of 340 facilities in the normal Plague Inc. world, with each country (or group of countries) having 2-10 of its own. Listed below are countries by how many facilities they have each in Plague Inc. The amount of money can be increased by government actions such as a martial law declaration.

Countries by Number of Facilities and Maximum Money spendable per dayEdit

10 ($11,465.60 per day maximum)Edit

9 ($10,319.04 per day maximum)Edit

8 ($9,172.48 per day maximum)Edit

7 ($8,025.92 per day maximum)Edit

6 ($6,879.36 per day maximum)Edit

5 ($5,732.8 per day maximum)Edit

4 ($4,586.24 per day maximum)Edit

3 ($3,439.68 per day maximum)Edit

2 ($2,293.12 per day maximum)Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the scenario Sovereign Default, there are 270 active research facilities, with China having the most potential investment into a cure, spending at maximum $12,612.16 per day (the same amount as 11 facilities operating under key conditions).

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