Plague Achievement Achievement Name: Rock Bottom
Achievement Description: Consume the cavers exploring the Shadow Pool
Value: n/a Difficulty: Any
Rock Bottom is an achievement exclusive to the Shadow Plague DLC.

How to get this Achievement?Edit

Recommended genes:

1. Start anywhere except Turkey.

2. Evolve Therianthropy and Night Wraith and constantly keep your vampire moving from country to country. If it kills too many people and gets spotted, then the event will not occur.

3. Wait for two yellow News headlines:

  • Caver in Turkey discovers deepest ever cave network
  • Cavers expect to discover new species in Turkey cave network

4. Wait for a popup message which reads:

5. Move your vampire to Turkey and evolve Blood Rage and use it immediately.

6. Wait for a popup which reads:

  • Cavers vanish in Turkey

The achievement has now been earned.

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