Neu Rodent 2

(Neurax Worm Icon.)

Rodent 2
Rodent transmission@2x

DNA Cost



Rodents directly susceptible to infection. Increase infectivity, especially in urban regions and mutation

Next Transmission

Extreme Zoonosis

Previous Transmission

Rodent 1

Rodent 2 is a Tier 2 transmission. It increases infectivity, with a bonus in urban environments. It also increases the bonus to mutation chance. This transmission can be found in the Neurax Worm and the Necroa Virus DLCs.

It can later lead to Extreme Zoonosis, which greatly increases transmitting abilities, allowing you to infect and transmit to countries without using airports/harbours.

In the Necroa Virus DLC, partial activation of the virus causes rodents to attack humans.

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