Description A rural country. Typically has a cold, humid climate.
Population 160,369,925
Ape Population 1,905
Flasks 6
Land border Yes
Airports Yes
Seaports Yes

Russia is a cold and rural country with low population density.

Russia has 6 research facilities and often books airport trips to Germany, France, USA, Saudi Arabia, UK, and Japan. It also has a seaport that will travel to Greenland, Germany, USA, and Canada, and is bordered by Norway, Finland, Baltic States, Ukraine, Turkey, Iran, Kazakhstan, China, and Korea.

Russia is also the only starting point for the Frozen Virus scenario.



  • The City Cam when Russia is in widespread disorder displays large groups of police & 2 tanks guarding the city, but the tank seen is an M47 Patton from the USA, not Russia.
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