Stalkersdelight Achievement Name: STALKERs delight
Achievement Description: Create a nuclear meltdown
Value: N/A Difficulty: Any (Casual is recomended)

STALKERs delight is an achievement. It is earned when there is a nuclear explosion in an infected country. The event is random, but the likelihood of it happening may be increased (See below). The name is a reference to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game series, set in the expanded nuclear wasteland around the Chernobyl nuclear reactor after a second disaster. In the game, STALKERs explore the wasteland searching for artifacts and loot.

How to get this achievement?Edit

To get this achievement, players should try to maximize the chances of a nuclear meltdown happening. Nuclear explosions have a random chance in the game coding to occur. It may be triggered by the following events:

  1. A news headline that says: "Planned out a new round of nuclear tests" (Random event. Increases chances.)
  2. It may randomly happen without a news headline
  3. If the "New Round of nuclear tests planned out" news headline has already shown, evole Insanity. This will trigger the achievement after some time has passed.

Chances will also increase with the symptoms Insanity and Paranoia.

It may take multiple tries to earn this achievement.

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