Little helper

Santa's Little Helper is a Christmas-themed scenario that was added in Mutation 8.6.1.

Scenario Edit

"The world is dark and gloomy. Boring governments worldwide have banned holidays, laughter, and celebrations. Humanity has forgotten how to have fun - people dress in gray and spend all their time working. Luckily, the Neurax Worm has teamed up with Santa and is determined to infect the whole world with joy and happiness. Can Santa's little helper make a miracle happen?"

This scenario was created exclusively for the 2014 holiday season. It is based off the Neurax Worm DLC. In this scenario, one has to make all the people in the world happy. The default name for the disease is XMA-3.

The scenario begins with every country having closed airports, ports and land borders. As the player begins to infect, they should evolve certain transmissions, symptoms, and abilities to make all these outlets open up. Severity is replaced with "Happiness", which has similar effects to Severity but will also encourage infected people to spread the infection further and hinder the progress of the cure. Once a country is fully infected, it becomes "eternally happy" and will open its airports, ports, and borders if it has not already done so. Countries that are eternally happy also permanently stop all contribution to the cure effort. Once every person in the world is infected, the game will end, stating that the player has made the whole world happy and that humanity will have a great future ahead of them.

Advantages Edit

Unlike normal Neurax Worm, in order to make a country 'eternally happy', one doesn't have to evolve an expensive symptom like Transcendence. In fact, there is no such symptom on this scenario. Instead, you need only evolve Santa's Little Neurax Worm and Festive Tendrils and fully infect a country. The Gift Planes also have a stronger effect than the normal Neurax Worm's Trojan Planes, able to infect millions upon arrival in target country.

Disadvantages Edit

Closed ports and land borders means spreading disease naturally prove to be more challenging, which can be countered using the Digital Elf symptom. Also, the lack of anti-cure traits makes it harder to slow down the cure progress.

Strategies Edit

Please see Santa's Little Helper Guide.

Trivia Edit

  • The most noticeable difference between this scenario and normal Neurax Worm gameplay is that there are no natural disasters, no lethal symptoms, and no parallel to the Trojan Destroyer, meaning that there are no deaths in this scenario.
  • A noticeable trait of the Santa's Little Helper scenario is that the symptom icons form a shape resembling a typical six-point snowflake.
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