Shadow Blessing
Shadow Blessing
The Shadow Blessing icon

DNA Cost



The vampire releases the Shadow Plague to help subjugate humanity. Victims develop severe bruising.

Infectivity increase


Severity increase


Lethality increase


Next Symptoms

Vampiric Awakening, Nocturnal, Dark Pustles

Shadow Blessing is a Tier 1 symptom unique to the Shadow Plague DLC. This symptom must be evolved in order to evolve all the other symptoms in the Shadow Plague DLC as well as all of the Transmissions and most of the Abilities. This symptom also allows the Vampire to spread its plague in the countries it's present in. It is advised to use this in conjunction with Therianthropy in order to spread the Shadow Plague across the world.

Interestingly, the Cure effort will not start unless this symptom is evolved, even at higher difficulties. The reason being is that if this symptom is not evolved then there is no one but the vampire with the Shadow Plague which means that no research can be done on anyone.

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