Shadow Pool is an origin story exclusive to the Shadow Plague DLC. Its three possible paths revolve around the discovery of a pool of water in previously unknown cave. The paths are Rock Bottom, Chiroptophobia, and Watery Grave.

Rock Bottom requires you to kill the cavers exploring the Shadow Pool.

Chiroptophobia requires that the group of cavers be attacked by an mob of bats before they find and get samples from some traces of evidence that ancient humans lived here.

Watery Grave requires that you drown Templars to prevent them from discovering the Shadow Pool's unique ecosystem by having the Shadow Slaves drown the Templars.

Messages Edit

  • "Caver finds vast cave tunnel system"
  • "Cavers expect to discover new species in Turkey cave network"
  • "Shadow Pool discovered in Turkey"
  • "Ancient human traces found by Shadow Pool"
  • "Shadow Pool hosts unique ecosystem"
  • "Shadow Pool organisms baffle scientific community"
  • "Shadow Pool organisms 'billions of years old'"
  • "Movie company denies vampire PR stunt"

 Activation Edit

Recommended genes:

  1. Start in any country other than Turkey.
  2. Evolve Night Wraith and Therianthropy + Travel Speed 1
  3. Constantly keep your vampire flying and make sure it doesn't kill too many people, or the events won't trigger.
  4. Wait for the news headline - "Caver in Turkey discovers deepest ever cave network".
  5. Evolve Shadow Blessing or create Lairs to collect DNA
  6. After a while, another news headline will appear - "Cavers expect to discover new species in Turkey cave network". Shortly after another news headline will appear - "Shadow Pool discovered in Turkey."
  7. Evolving Bat 3 will unlock the Chiroptophobia achievement. Immediately flying to Turkey after the third headline and entering a blood rage will unlock the Rock Bottom achievement.