Shadow Slaves
Shadow Slaves


Neuropathic manipulation causes severe behavioral abnormalities and eventually permanent psychosis - causing infected to become slaves of the vampire

DNA Cost


Previous Symptom

Jugular Bite

Next Symptoms

Muscular Hypotrophy, Dermal Calcification (Shadow Plague)

Shadow Slaves is a symptom exclusive to the Shadow Plague DLC. Similar to Transcendence, this symptom causes the infected to gradually grow psychotic, serving their vampire lord(s). Completing the Shadow Plague without this symptom evolved or mutated earns the Sadomasochist achievement.

With this symptom evolved, the infected will attack WHO laboratories, uninfected, they will wage wars to take over countries, and they will actively suppress the cure effort in their countries.

Interestingly, once it's evolved or mutated, Shadow Slaves cannot be devolved.

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