Simian Neuro-genesis

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Modifies simian genes to significantly increase ape intelligent. Irises turn green and no immune response triggered. It's time for apes to rise!

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Hominidae Bridge, Inter-genus dissemination 1, Blood Gift, Sebaceous excretion

Simian Neuro-genesis is a tier 1 ability in the Simian Flu DLC. It is similar to Cytopathic Reanimation in the Necroa Virus DLC in that both are the defining feature of their respective diseases. However, unlike Cytopathic Reanimation, Simian Neuro-genesis can be devolved. It unlocks all other ape ability trees.

When evolved, the first intelligent apes will appear in the plague's origin country, destroying the Gen-Sys lab present there in the process. It does not inherently increase severity, though the intelligent apes will later on. In addition to removing a percentage of the cure, this will also trigger the Great EscApe achievement. As previously noted, this ability can be devolved. Devolving this will trigger the Did I mean to do that? achievement, which involves all the intelligent apes dying from the virus that had made them intelligent in the first place. You can also get the Shouldn't Keep Pets achievement by killing all apes. Re-evolving this ability will not invalidate Did I mean to do that? if the achievement has already been earned, even though it will not make any more intelligent apes.