Scenario financial meltdown

Sovereign Default is a scenario in which a failure to extend the debt ceiling in the USA triggers a major financial re-balancing. A few countries benefit, but most suffer catastrophic damage to their economics with impacts on healthcare and research capability. The Complete Sovereign Default achievement can be earned for winning this scenario with three biohazards.

What happens in this scenario?Edit

Most countries have a significantly reduced cure capability. For example, France has a $10,000 medical budget on a normal game. However, with Sovereign Default, it has $5,000, making cure research funding lower than normal. In a normal game, there are 340 cure bottles, but in this scenario, there are only 282. Some countries do benefit, however, such as Saudi Arabia and China. They have increased research capability, and so, are considered Rich. This makes it highly imperative that Drug Resistance be bought soon after the start of the game to counter this effect, especially when starting in said country.

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