Spore Eruption

DNA Cost

8 (min. cost without Patho-Stasis), 2(with Patho-Stasis)


Releases an explosion of plague spores into the air

Next Ability

Spore Hardening

Infectivity increase


Previous Ability

Spore Burst

Spore Eruption is a tier 7 unique ability exclusive to Fungus. It infects five new countries. Unlike most abilities, there are two identical Spore Eruption abilities. This ability pairs well with the Air and Bird transmissions, as well as the Aerocyte gene. Using the gene Patho-Stasis lowers the DNA Cost to 2.


  • Sometimes, evolving this trait only infects 4 countries.
  • It is advised that this is used when only 10 or less countries are not infected. THFPVG

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