Stonehenge is an origin story exclusive to the Shadow Plague DLC.

in Mutation 1.13, introduced the Shadow Plague to Plague Inc., and with it many new achievements just like the Necroa Virus. Three of these achievements revolve around about the group of tourists that toppling at the Standing stones on Stonehenge. Meanwhile, they unearthed an ancient chamber discovering many mutated skeletons found at Stonehenge, resulting in the statement that the skeletons are infected with the player's plague, and it's an ancient vampire that died and was sacrificed in an Sacrificial altar that was unearthed also in Stonehenge. Making Amends requires the apologetic tourists repair the damage at Stonehenge. The Standing Stone was put back in place, but both chambers are crushed underneath. Greyscale requires the player to infect the scientists that are exploring Stonehenge to recover the skeletons that may hold key to Stop the Player's Plague, but unfortunately, they were now also infected with Player's plague and they never returned. Power Overwhelming requires the player to consume all skeletons that buried here in Stonehenge before the Templars search the Sacrificial altar, causing them to declare Stonehenge a dangerous location. As a result, they launch an preemptive nuclear attack to Stonehenge and destroy it to attempt to prevent the player from accessing the skeletons of ancient Vampires that were sacrificed here.

Activation Edit

Recommended genes:

  1. Start in any country Except UK
  2. Evolve Night Wraith and Therianthropy + Travel Speed 1 + 2
  3. Keep your vampire busy flying and make sure it doesn't kill too many people, or the events won't trigger.
  4. Watch for news that says - "Tourists topple Standing Stone at Stonehenge"
  5. Evolve Shadow Blessing and begin to spread your disease and set Lairs to collect some DNA
  6. After a while, this piece of news will pop up - "Ancient chamber uncovered at Stonehenge". Evolve some Transmissions and the pop-up news entitled "Mutated skeleton found at Stonehenge" will show up also. Then evolve Nocturnal, Steroidal Boost, Pheromone secretion and Anabolic Boost. After a short amount of time, this piece of news will pop up - "The stone was put back by the apologectic tourists." This will get you the Making Amends achievement.

Trivia Edit

  • In Power Overwhelming, if the player fails to consume all of the skeletons at Stonehenge, the Templars will launch an preemptive nuclear attack on Stonehenge which is a reference to the science-fiction movie Stonehenge Apocalypse.