The following are strategies for the Big Bang achievement. Please feel free to add your own strategies, tips, and Q&A here:

Strategy 1 Edit

IMPORTANT: Do NOT evolve Genetic Hardening! It will result in the analysis failing, thus stopping you from getting the achievement! Recommended genes:

  1. Start the Necroa Virus in the USA.
  2. Evolve the transmission Saliva 1 and the ability Drug Resistance 1. This must be done within the first 60 days.
  3. Wait for a popup message which reads:
    • DarkWater 'concerned' for missing geneticist
  4. Watch for two red News headlines:
    • DarkWater denies containment breach in weapons facility
    • DarkWater weapons facility shut down over security fears
  5. Save 44 DNA points and evolve the symptoms Insomnia, Fever, Photophobia, Delirium and Cytopathic Reanimation.
  6. Evolve the abilities Horde Instinct, Horde Mentality, Horde Vocalisation and Horde Pheromones.
  7. Avoid the popup message "Authorities can't protect from <plague name>" by using the active ability Zombie Horde to move zombies out of the USA whenever the number of zombies there exceeds 2 million.
  8. Wait for popup messages reading:
    • DarkWater created <plague name>
    • DarkWater successfully analyses <plague name>
    • DarkWater begins Z-Rest experiment
  9. Evolve the symptoms Anaerobic Resuscitation, Enhanced Motor Control, Peptide Surge, Acidic Reflux, Naja Mortis and Autothysis.
  10. Wait for a pop-up message reading:
    • DarkWater's Z-Rest device a failure

The achievement will now have been earned. - GamerSketch (Credit to StarViruZ at AppAddicted Forums)

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