The following are strategies and tips for the Black Death scenario. Please feel free to add your own below:

Strategy 1Edit

Recommended genes:

  1. Start in India.
  2. Evolve the transmissions Rodent 1 and 2, Livestock 1 and 2, Bird 1 and 2, and Extreme Zoonosis
  3. Then, evolve the abilities Cold Resistance 1 and 2, and Drug Resistance 1 and 2 A player's plague should be spreading fairly quickly by now.
  4. Now, evolve the symptoms Skin Lesions (Optional), Pneumonic plague, Coughing, Sneezing, Pneumonia, and Pulmonary Oedema
  5. All countries should be infected by now. When the cure reaches 25%, evolve Genetic ReShuffle 1 and Drug Resistance 3. If the cure progress goes above 75%, evolve Hardened Reshuffle 1 and 2. If a player does not think their plague is killing fast enough and have some DNA points to spare, they should evolve Septicemic plague, Total Organ Failure and/or Dysentery.
  6. This will usually guarantee one biohazard if players follow all instructions; the strategist has gotten 2 biohazards using it. It will also work on Mega Brutal difficulty.
    Remember, with Extreme Zoonosis, even if a country is uninfected and has shut down its seaports/airports/land borders, players may still use infected animals in order to infect said country.


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