The following are strategies for the Fungus plague type. Please feel free to add your own strategies, tips, and Q&A here:

Strategy 1Edit

A neat trick to use is to take the genes Metabolic Jump, (Any Infectious Gene), Patho-Stasis, Extremophile, and Genetic Mimic.

  1. Get the symptoms Rash,Sweating, Skin Lesions, Coughing, and Sneezing.
  2. Now go buy a Spore Burst. Get the DNA from the Biohazard bubbles, then get as many Spore Bursts as you can, including the Eruptions and Spore Hardening.
  3. Keep popping the Biohazard bubbles as you go until you max out the Spore Burst tree. By now, you should have at least 50+ DNA.
  4. Use these to evolve what you need to evolve to completely infect your starting country (For example, a rich urban country with a hot climate. A humid climate means one must evolve Drug Resistance 1, Rodent 1, Insect 1, and Water 1. Once you have your starting country fully infected, play as you normally would. Nobody should notice your plague if you didn't let any mutations take over, as you need a decent amount of Severity and Lethality to be noticed. Think of this as a stronger ATP Boost gene because that, in essence, is what it is.

Strategy 2Edit

This strategy no longer works on IOS and newest androids, as you can no longer devolve spore bursts/eruptions.

Follow this method if you don't mind devolving and re-evolving repeatedly this does work:

  1. You must have these genes equipped: Patho-Stasis & Metabolic Hijack.
  2. Start out in an urban area.
  3. Evolve, devolve & re-evolve the LOWER Spore Burst ability repeatedly ( You'll see a 1 point profit every time you do  so). This exploit doesn't seem to work anymore. It now gives a one point loss each time. However, you can still use it to infect more countries, although it doesn't seem to infect island countries that have all of their ports closed.
  4. Once you're happy with your DNA points, evolve whatever you want (transmissions recommended) then evolve ALL of the spore abilities in one go.
  5. Sit back and watch the screen become filled with red biohazard bubbles.

Strategy 3 Edit

This strategy does not work on Plague Inc: Evolved (Normal and above) as the cure is detected,

  1. Start in China. Evolve these symptoms: Cysts, Hyper sensitivity, and Abscesses, and immediately devolve any other symptoms that mutate. Transmissions: Bird 1 and Water 1. Abilities: Drug Resistance 1 and Cold Resistance 1.
  2. Transmissions: Air 1 and Livestock 1. Symptoms: Keep devolving any mutated symptoms immediately. Abilities: Heat Resistance 1.
  3. Once your plague has infected around 500-600 million people worldwide, devolve all symptoms to keep your plague unknown to the world. Start banking points for the final phase. Transmissions: Bird 2 and Blood 1. Symptoms: Keep devolving any mutated symptoms immediately. Abilities: Cold Resistance 2 and Genetic Hardening 1.
  4. Most of the countries should start to be infected, but the plague is still unknown if you keep devolving mutated symptoms immediately. Save your points and let the infection spread.
  5. Everyone on the planet is probably infected and you're ready to kill them by evolving Coughing, Sneezing, Immune Suppression .
  6. If Cure went up to 50%, try to devolve any Transmission and devolve any Symptoms that not lethal, use that DNA you got by evolving any Symptoms that have extreme severity and lethal.

Strategy 4 Edit

This is a strategy for those who are gunning for maximum Biohazard, where it's in speedrun, scenario, or normal gameplay:

Recommended genes:





ATP Boost

  1. Before you start anywhere, evolve Bird 1. This is similar to Air 1.
  2. Start in Saudi Arabia, the Primary Plague Starting Point, in my opinion.
  3. Evolve your first Spore Burst, and collect the DNA points. Evolve Spore Bursts as soon as you can, maximizing the amount of total coverage. If you're lucky, you'll end up in Greenland.
  4. Don't evolve Spore Eruption right after you evolve a Spore Burst. Presumably, this can counter the effects of the Spore Eruption.
  5. Evolve the Spore Eruptions (1 at a time) after you've evolved all the Spore Bursts. Once both Spore Eruptions have been evolve, evolve Spore Hardening.
  6. Evolve Air 1, and then evolve Cold Resistance 1 and Drug Resistance 1. Even if you haven't infected any cold countries, you've likely infected a rich country or two, usually including the USA.
  7. Evolve Water 1 to increase chances of infecting island countries.
  8. Evolve Coughing, Rash, Sweating, Sneezing, and Skin Lesions. This will increase infectivity, but may cause early detection. Depending on the difficulty level, there may be little response or no response at all.
  9. Evolve Blood 1 and Insect 1. This can serve as the base of a useful transmission combo.
  10. Allow symptoms to mutate, unless they are lethal on their own or as part of a symptom combo (a prime example is the Profuse Bleeding symptom combo). That would cause the uninfected countries to shut your disease out. Evolve Water 2, and Cold Resistance 2. Whether or not you've made it to Greenland, don't let Iceland hold you up.
  11. Once all countries are infected, allow symptoms to mutate at will. Necrosis is a prime favorite of mine.
  12. Evolve Genetic Hardening 1, and evolve Genetic ReShuffle 1 if you believe the cure effort's getting too far along.
  13. If Greenland shuts you out before you get to it, evolve Blood 2, Insect 2, and Extreme Hematophagy. There's a chance that a Contaminated Package (unlocked by evolving Extreme Hematophagy) will spontaneously infect Greenland for you.
  14. Evolve all symptoms you can. If you're lucky, you'll get a symptom combo that will increase your infectivity, slow down the cure effort, increase lethality, or even all of the above.
  15. Watch as the world burns. Congratulations. You've destroyed the world. DiseaseMaster7

Strategy 5Edit

This is a simple strategy which will work on Casual, Normal or Brutal (This doesn't work on Mega Brutal because the 'random medical check-ups' make the disease noticed and a cure is available before everyone is infected.

Genetic CodeEdit

DNA Gene: ATP Boost or Metabolic Jump

Travel Gene: Aquacyte or Suppression

Evolution Gene: Ionised Helix

Mutation Gene: Genetic Mimic

Environment Gene: Extremophile... or anything really

Stage 1: BeginEdit

Step 1. Start anywhere... the best places are India, Saudi Arabia, Greenland, Egypt, Madagascar or even Norway!

Step 2. Fastforward

TIP: If any symptoms evolve DEVOVLE THEM IMMEDIATELY!!! Doctors will spot the disease and the Cure Research will begin. In the future the cure research will be too much!

Stage 2: InfectionEdit

Step 3. Evolve Air 1 and Water 1

Step 4. Evolve Cold Resistance 1 or Heat Resistance 1; the opposite climate of your starting country. (e.g. if you started in Egypt you would evolve Cold Resistance 1).

You should be gaining DNA Points by now. Make sure you save them up for later though!

Step 5. Evolve Air 2 and Water 2.

Step 6. Evolve Insect 1 and Extreme Bioaerosol.

Step 7. (Optional) If iceland or Greenland is infected but not progressing, get cold 2

Your disease should be spreading like mad now. When you get the message 'No more healthy people left in the world', you know it's time!

Stage 3: KillEdit

Step 7. Devolve all Transmissions for extra DNA Points

Step 8. Evolve the following in order:

You should've had enough for all of those because if you popped all the red and orange bubbles and devolved all symptoms you should have at least twice the amount you needed. Paranoia is the most important as people won't want to go and see the doctor.

Step 9. Evolve Genetic Hardening 1, Genetic ReShuffle 1 and Genetic Hardening 2

Step 10. Evolve

Watch as the last few people hopelessly die. Watch as the screen with the words 'Victory! *your disease name here* has successfully eliminated all life on earth.


(as mentioned earlier)

This strategy was made by Terra Verso


Strategy 6 Edit

Recommended genes:


ATP Boost

Metabolic Hijack

Evolve all of the spore bursts and spore eruptions, and spore hardening, then get air and water 1 and 2. Also add drug resistance 1 and Cold resistance 1, and save up DNA. If a symptom mutates, devolve it.

Finally, when the entire world is infected, evolve a bunch of symptoms. Devolve transmissions for DNA points.

Strategy 7 Edit

Recommended genes:


Ionised Helix(if casual or normal)

Translesion+(if brutal or mega-brutal).

Start in Russia. Get cold resistance 1, drug resistance 1, and the animal transmissions(bird, livestock, and rodent). Do NOT get the spore bursts. Wait for the entire world to be infected.

If a symptom mutates, devolve it immediately for DNA points. When the entire world is infected, you can get a bunch of symptoms. If you are waiting for a country to get infected, or you get noticed and an island country closes its ports and stays healthy, you can get a spore burst to infect it.

Then kill the world with a bunch of symptoms when there are no healthy people left.


  • First, buy a spore to double the growth of the plague.

Second, do as you do to bacteria until only some hard-to-reach countries were left uninfected.

Third, buy spores equal to the number of those uninfected countries. Be careful and always devolve the mutated symptoms.

Last, save DNA points and rocks! -

  • Keep the spores and stay patient until you infected all the word except a few nasty countries, like Greenland. Use the spore to get it. Then wait. Never buy symptoms before the final attack because fungi infects slowly, and you'll get spotted. When you infected everyone, use Total Organ Failure to end. Armorchompy


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