The following are strategies for the I never asked for this achievement. Please feel free to add your own strategies, tips, and Q&A here:

Strategy 1Edit

With any disease type, Players should evolve the following symptoms after a reasonable number of people have become infected with a plague:

People slowly begin to die. Players should receive a popup stating that artificial organs have begun to be produced and sold to save lives. Continue to wait, devolving any mutated symptoms as you do. Players may take any transmission or ability they want in the meantime as they will not affect this achievement.

After some time, players should receive a popup saying that people have begun to experience mild cases of hemorrhoids due to what manufacturers claim to be a software fault. Receiving this popup will grant players the achievement.

(NOTE: This achievement may be obtainable with fewer symptoms than the ones I have listed above. However, the strategist was unable to find any guides online that explained this achievement and how to get it, so they are including everything that they had evolved in the hopes that others will now be able to unlock this. Feel free to update this page if you unlock this achievement by a simpler method.) - Dan67

Note: Evolving Insanity may interfere with the unlocking of I Never Asked For This because patients will tear out their transplanted organs in fits of insanity. - DiseaseMaster7

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