The following are strategies for the Neurax Worm expansion pack. Please feel free to add your own strategies, tips, and Q&A here:

Strategy 1Edit

Suggested genes:

Start in China with Mega Brutal Difficulty. Do not devolve any mutated symptoms, devolving them will make you less likely to get more biohazards.

If Trojan Planes appear, fly the first one to Sweden, then Central Europe, USA, Central Africa, Uninfected Island Countries, Other uninfected countries.

  1. Evolve Genetic Swap (2), Concertina Locomotion (2), Mutative Regeneration 1 (3)
  2. Evolve Undulatory Locomotion (2), Corpse Feeder 1 (1), Eggs 1 (2)
  3. Evolve Mutative Regeneration 2 (5), Corpse Feeder 2 (3), Eggs 2 (2)
  4. You should get your first mutation, DO NOT DEVOLVE IT.
  5. Evolve Water 1 (Neurax Worm) (7), Trojan Planes 1 (3), Trojan Planes 2 (6)
  6. You should get your second mutation.
  7. Evolve Water 2 (Neurax Worm) (13), Water 3 (9)
  8. Your plague should start spreading to other countries
  9. Evolve Drug Resistance 1 (13), Cold Resistance 1 (9), your disease should be spotted
  10. Evolve Cold Resistance 2 (13), Insect 1 (neurax worm) (5), Drug Resistance 2 (30), Heat Resistance 1 (14)
  11. Evolve Air 1 (Neurax Worm) (6), Trojan Planes 3 (13), Genetic Hardening 1 (18)
  12. Evolve Heat Resistance 2 (31), Frontal Mesh (1), Immaturity (9), Mania (11)
  13. Evolve Genetic Hardening 2 (26), Obsession (5), Devotion (29)
  14. Evolve Transecndence (62)
  15. Use the rest of your DNA to evolve Genetic Reshuffle (For more biohazards)


  • What's the easiest way to get the Achievement Worm Food? - TheMindOfMadness
  • I have beaten all the plague types on Brutal and still haven't unlocked this plague...does someone know why? -
    • ​Just buy Neurax Worm, since it's pretty easy, and then beat it on brutal to get Necroa Virus. Sorry if I can't be much of a help. -
    • If you have the Miniclip mobile version, you can't unlock Neurax Worm or Necroa Virus without paying,you can get the the other ones by beating them on brutal on the mobile version. -
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