The following are strategies for the Neurax Worm expansion pack. Please feel free to add your own strategies, tips, and Q&A here:

Strategy 1Edit

Suggested genes:

Send Trojan Planes to uninfected islands first, followed by uninfected countries, then countries that are slow to infect,

  1. Evolve the transmissions Eggs 1 and 2.
  2. Start the Neurax Worm in India.
  3. Evolve the transmissions Concertina Locomotion, Undulatory Locomotion, Water 1 and Air 1.
  4. Evolve the abilities Drug Resistance 1, Cold Resistance 1, and Heat Resistance 1.
  5. Evolve the transmissions Water 2, Air 2, Water 3 and Air 3.
  6. Evolve the abilities Drug Resistance 2, Cold Resistance 2, Heat Resistance 2, and Environmental Hardening.
  7. Evolve the symptoms Neural Breach, Cerebral Tendrils, Adrenergic Constriction, Anxiolytic Infusion, Psychosis, Adoration, Devotion, Transcendence, Confusion, Memory Loss, Aneurysm, Aphasia, Apraxia and Coma.

Enjoy your victory. (Even on Mega Brutal.) - GamerSketch - (Credit to AllHailSpicy of Yo It's Spicy)


  • What's the easiest way to get the Achievement Worm Food? - TheMindOfMadness
  • I have beaten all the plague types on Brutal and still haven't unlocked this plague...does someone know why? -
    • ​Just buy Neurax Worm, since it's pretty easy, and then beat it on brutal to get Necroa Virus. Sorry if I can't be much of a help. -
    • If you have the Miniclip mobile version, you can't unlock Neurax Worm or Necroa Virus without paying. -

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