The following are strategies and tips for the Revenge of Osiris achievement. Please feel free to add your own below:

Strategy 1Edit

Genes are not required to get this achievement, but suggested genes are:

  1. Start in Egypt.
  2. Evolve the ability Heat Resistance 1 and the transmission Saliva 1. This must be done within the first 60 days of starting.
  3. Wait for a popup message that says:
    • Exploration of secret tomb in Pyramid of Giza continues
  4. Wait for two red news headlines:
    • Pyramid of Giza hieroglyphs ‘warn of ancient plague’
    • Mummy from Pyramid of Giza tomb has ‘odd bite marks’
  5. Evolve the symptoms InsomniaFeverPhotophobiaDelirium and Cytopathic Reanimation.
  6. Wait for a popup message that says:
    • <plague name> may have come from Pyramid of Giza
  7. Evolve the Transmissions Zoonotic ShiftInsect 1 and Rodent 1 & 2.
  8. Wait for a popup message that says:
    • <plague name> DNA supports Giza link

(You can save here to do "It's a Trap!")

  1. Evolve the Abilities Autolytic DelayPutrefactive Resistance, and Liquefactive Resistance.
  2. Wait for a popup message that says:
    • Giza Pyramid expedition successful
  3. Evolve the Symptoms Anaerobic ResuscitationEnhanced Motor ControlPeptide Surge, Dermal Calcification and Cranial Elephantitis
  4. Wait for a popup message that says:
    • Giza findings cause major military loss

Then, the achievement is earned.  - GamerSketch (Credits to Mace of Yo It's Spicy)

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