The following are strategies, tips, and Q&A for the Russian Nuclear Retaliation achievement. Please feel free to add your own below:

Strategy 1 Edit

Note: Devolve all symptoms unless instructed to evolve them.

Note: If a popup message references Sterilisation air filters, counter with the appropriate transmission:

  • Planes > evolve Air 1
  • Ships > evolve Water 1

Note: If a popup message reading "ICure device announced" appears, wait for the popup reading "ICure released globally" and immediately evolve the abilities Rash and Sweating to counter.

  1. Choose Prion on Casual Difficulty with the following genes:
  2. Start in the USA.
  3. Evolve the following transmissions and abilities:
    Russia ability jpg
  4. Wait until every country is infected.
  5. Evolve the following symptoms:
    Russia symptoms jpg
  6. Evolve the ability Cold Resistance 2.
  7. Evolve the symptoms Seizures, Insanity, and Dysentery.
  8. Wait for popup messages reading:
    • USA President taken ill
    • New President of USA selected
      • Insanity! Spalin has been selected to replace the ill President instead of the Vice President!
    • USA threatens Russia
  9. Evolve the symptom Paralysis.
  10. Wait for a popup message reading:
    • USA nukes Russia

The achievement will now have been earned. - GamerSketch (credit: katrina at Yo It’s Spicy blog)


  • Okay, does it make anybody else feel weird that they chose to name the 'new' USA president "Spalin"? (cough, cough Sarah Palin reference cough, cough)- User:THFPVG

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