Strategy created by Risviltsov (based on strategy by Pravus Gaming)Edit

Advice Edit

Struggling with the cureEdit

Destroy the following countries: Greenland, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, Finland, Botswana, Sweden, Libya, Australia, and New Guinea. This kills 63,641,261 people (0.89 percent of world), but destroys 71 laboratories (20.88 percent of world). If the cure is still too fast, destroy Canada as well.

Dealing with TemplarsEdit

Evolve Blood Rage, Bat abilities like Travel Speed, and the Dark Ritual series.

If you're lucky, sometimes there will be less Templar bases, and they will be built near your vampire.

The following is a strategy guide for the Shadow Plague, that has been released for Plague Inc. Mobile in the Mutation 13 update.

The Strategy GuideEdit

This will work on all difficulties (but this one is originated from Mega Brutal) as for the most time you will not use a disease.

1. Open Plague Inc. and go onto the Shadow Plague. This strategy works on any difficulty.

2. Genetic Modifications -

[Recommended Vampire Genes]

  • Mad Scientist
  • Socially Awkward Bat
  • Berserker

3. Start in Greenland. Soon, you'll see why.

4. With the 19 to 27 DNA points, grasp Therianthropy and Blood Rage. This will ensure your vampire doesn't die and can farm DNA points.

5. Activate a Blood Rage on Greenland. Evolve your Blood Rage tree (in both ways, Dark Rituals work) with the DNA harvested from the 56,000 people dying.

6. Once Greenland's population has been depleted of all life, move to its neighbor, Iceland. Start a Blood Rage there.

7. Templar Defense Industries (TDI, for short) may start to notice your onslaught against humanity by now. Do not move away from Iceland until you have evolved Demonic Fury. After you've evolved Demonic Fury, pause the game and read the next step. (If you feel lucky, then go ahead and kill them all without Demonic Fury)

8. Attack the nearest TDI base. Blood Rage it. Move on to the next nearest TDI base. Repeat. And when your vampire is low on health, Blood Rage a country without a TDI near a TDI country. Be quick -- Travel Speed I is advised. TDI bases get stronger by the second.

9. You should be at your final TDI base by the time you are reading this. Destroying the TDI base will take several retreats and regenerations. Keep an eye on your DNA and Vampire Health meters (evolving Dark Ritual 2 is recommended by now). Patience is key.

10. After those TDI bases are finally eradicated, save up 400 DNA points. The symptoms and transmissions, on top of the lairs, will get expensive. Blood raging will take a lot of time. Grief India until you raise the 400 DNA points. Make sure to attack Iceland and the Caribbean until everyone there dies. This will take about half an hour.

11. Now time to plan the ultimate extinction and the end of the world.. Place lairs in: Central America, Turkey, and Indonesia. Unlock all abilities (except for lair bonuses and lair healing). The lairs are to teleport quickly to destroy WHO Laboratories before they can do anything to contribute to the cure progress.

12. Once everything is set, evolve Shadow Blessing, every transmission (except for Zoonotic Shift's chain), and evolve the following symptoms: Dark Pustules, Hypersensitivity, Malignant Pigmentation, Latent Adaptation, Pallor, Weeping Sores, Hyperdontia, Jugular Bite, Shadow Slaves, Muscular Hypotrophy and Masticatory Tension.

13. Always stay in flight, too. Fly to all uninfected countries (remember to prioritize island countries) and make sure to destroy any WHO Laboratories.

14. Congratulations. You've wasted at least an hour of your life completing the 'impossible'. Good job. The game is important to not only you, but to James and to our wiki. Thank you.

Alternate murder plan (anti-cure): Edit

Rather than farming India, you could go and destroy 20.88% of their laboratories while killing off only 0.89% of their population by destroying the following top ten countries. Anyways, this is also a list of countries to target if you are anti-cure.

  1. Greenland (Lowest amount of people per laboratory -- 18,828)
  2. Iceland
  3. New Zealand
  4. Norway
  5. Finland
  6. Botswana
  7. Sweden (Last country with under 1,000,000 people per laboratory)
  8. Libya
  9. Australia
  10. New Guinea
  11. Baltic States
  12. Canada
  13. Central Europe
  14. Zimbabwe (Last country with under 5,000,000 people per laboratory)
  15. Bolivia
  16. Morocco
  17. Kazakhstan
  18. Spain
  19. Madagascar
  20. Italy
  21. UK
  22. South Africa
  23. Angola (Last country with under 7,500,000 people per laboratory)
  24. Peru
  25. Middle east
  26. Poland
  27. France
  28. Central America
  29. Saudi Arabia
  30. Korea
  31. Caribbean
  32. Argentina (Last country with under 10,000,000 people per laboratory)
  33. Afghanistan
  34. Germany
  35. Iraq
  36. Ukraine
  37. Balkan States
  38. Japan
  39. Turkey (Last country with under 15,000,000 people per laboratory)
  40. Sudan
  41. Central Asia
  42. Algeria
  43. Iran (Last country with under 20,000,000 people per laboratory)
  44. Egypt
  45. --- WORLD AVERAGE --- (20,954,541 people per laboratory)
  46. Colombia
  47. Mexico
  48. Philippines
  49. Russia
  50. Brazil
  51. USA
  52. Central Africa
  53. Pakistan (Last country with under 50,000,000 people per laboratory)
  54. Indonesia
  55. S. E. Asia (Last country with under 100,000,000 people per laboratory)
  56. East Africa
  57. West Africa
  58. China
  59. India (Highest amount of people per laboratory -- 242,835,836)

Records using this strategy (with Mad Scientist, Socially Awkward Bat, Teracyte, Extremophile and Berserker): Edit

  • Score: 190,030
  • Days: 2,257
  • Cure %: 1%
  • Biohazards: 5
  • Score:
  • Days:
  • Cure Progress:
  • Biohazards:

By DiseaseMaster7 Edit

This strategy is based off of Risviltsov's strategy, composed for a faster Mega Brutal:

Genetic code:

  1. Start in Greenland. Immediately evolve Night Wraith and Blood Rage.
  2. Start a Blood Rage in Greenland. Evolve Therianthropy as soon as you can. You'll need it in the future.
  3. Once Greenland has been cleared of human life, move to Iceland, and start a Blood Rage there. Evolve Dark Ritual 1.
  4. The Templars will begin to notice you shortly after you invade Iceland, or even before you finish Greenland off. Wait until they create their Bases.
  5. Once the Templar Bases have appeared on the map (indicated by a blue castle-like icon), immediately go after the Templar Base closest to you. Evolve Adrenal Surge when you can.
  6. Travel from country to country, wiping out the Templar Bases. When you get to the last Base, if you haven't already, evolve up to Shadow Blades and Demonic Fury. It's a toss-up as to what countries will have Templar Bases. The bases might be close together, far apart, or on islands. Evolve Lair and set up a Lair closest to the country housing the last Templar Base. You will have to retreat multiple times to your Lair to either heal or fight off a Templar Drone. Buy Lair Healing 1 if necessary.
  7. Once you kill off the last Templar Base, return to Iceland. Continue your interrupted Blood Rage until Iceland is devoid of human life.
  8. Move on to the Caribbean. Start a Blood Rage there, and don't do anything until all the humans have been killed off.
  9. Move to Madagascar and do the same there. When you can, place a Lair in the following countries: United States, Brazil, Central Africa, Central Europe, and China. If your first base is close to any of these countries, there's no need to plant an extra base there. Evolve Travel Speed 1 and 2. They'll come in handy later.
  10. Once Madagascar's been wiped clean, despite the cost of creating all the bases, you should have over 600 DNA Points. Fly to Australia, and while your vampire is in the air, evolve all of the Transmissions, including the Zoonotic Shift transmissions. Evolve Blood Gift, Dark Cloud, Shadow Trail, and Corrupted Air. Once you have the DNA Points, evolve Heat Tolerance, Anti-biotic Tolerance, and Cold Tolerance.
  11. Evolve Dark Pustles, and continue the symptom evolution until you get to Shadow Slaves. If you wish to use this strategy to unlock the Sadomasochism achievement, do not evolve this symptom.
  12. At this point, the WHO Laboratories will begin popping up. Eliminate the labs as soon as they pop up. Evolve Vampiric Awakening to create more Vampires. With all the Abilities and Transmissions purchased, the world will become rapidly infected. Plus, the Shadow Slaves symptom, if evolved, has a bonus effect: Thralls will work to destroy WHO Laboratories.
  13. Evolve Vampiric Awakening as many times as you wish. Also, evolve as many Symptoms as you want. It's very likely that you'll be able to unlock multiple achievements in the process.
  14. Congratulations. You've defeated the world through the Shadow Plague, and have unlocked the Vampire Master achievement. -DiseaseMaster7
Screenshot 2016-11-27-21-57-03

Original Strategy by Yo It's Spicy, Modified by Treehugger0123 Edit

Since Spicy's original guide (Found here ) repeatedly failed for me, I modified it somewhat until I found something that works. It's not the fastest strategy in the world, but it has higher odds of succeeding with 5 biohazards on Mega Brutal.

Starting Genetics Edit

  • Berserker--More people killed with Blood Rage.
  • Socially Awkward Bat--Blood Rage started as soon as you enter a new country. These two will make things much faster.
  • Suppression--More useful than Aquacyte because part of this strategy involves wiping out most of the islands anyway.
  • Xerophile--You'll want the plague to spread fastest in whatever countries are top research contributors, and since that's randomized, a little in everything is better than all in one and nothing in everything else.
  • Witch Doctor--More healing from lairs. This combined with the former two and max Dark Ritual (more on that later) will allow you to heal very quickly in laired countries.

Stage 1: The Beginning Edit

This part is more or less the same as Spicy's.

  1. Start in East Africa.
  2. Evolve Blood Rage and Dark Ritual.
  3. Start Blood Rage and wait for the "Vampire feeding attracts attention in East Africa" popup.
  4. Evolve Therianthropy and fly to Zimbabwe.
  5. Evolve Night Wraith and Adrenal Surge.
  6. Continue evolving abilities until you get the "Blood Cult leader tracked in Zimbabwe" popup.
  7. Fly to Botswana.
  8. Evolve Lair
  9. Continue evolving abilities until you get the "Templar Industries reveals global vampire threat" popup. *NOTE* Sometimes this will take long enough that you'll wipe out Botswana in the process. If this happens, fly to Central Africa before your vampire starves.
  10. Fly to Central Africa if you haven't already and wait for the "Templar Industries activate military protocols" popup. This is when their military bases will appear scattered around the world.

Stage 2: Vampire vs. TemplarEdit

Here's where you need to start taking out these bases. Keep an eye out for any in or near these countries:

  • Central Africa
  • SE Asia
  • Central Europe
  • Mexico

We're gonna want to set up lairs in these countries later on, as doing so will put every country in the world within travel distance (assuming maxed flight) of a lair. So if any Templar bases spawned in or near these countries, save them for last because the lair will be useful to get to and from them quickly with Shadow Portal.

  1. Once you've narrowed down which one you'll save for last, pick another one and fly to it. Blood Rage should destroy it in seconds.
  2. If your Vampire is still at at least 3/4 health, fly to and destroy another base. If not, fly to one of those four countries, make a base there, and wait to heal. Then attack another base.
  3. Before going any further, evolve at least Shadow Blades, Demonic Fury, Shadow Portal, and Lair Healing I. Preferably, you should evolve Lair Healing II, Dark Ritual II, and Dark Infiltration before attacking a third base.
  4. Once you've taken down a third base, do not attack any others until you've evolved every ability in the Abilities section and set up bases in all four of the above mentioned countries. It's also recommended that you save in case your Vampire dies.
  5. Taking on bases from this point forward will have to be done in a "hit-and-run" style--your vampire will now take damage faster than the bases will, so you'll have to teleport back to a base every so often to heal. Once your health gets to around 1/4, that's your cue to fly back. It is not recommended that you have the game sped up for this part, as doing so will make it harder to have your Vampire retreat before it dies.
  6. Make sure you keep an eye out for drones, too. Fortunately, Socially Awkward Bat and Shadow Portal makes dealing with them insanely easy, as you can teleport to wherever they are and destroy them as soon as they enter.
  7. The last base will require some patience, as it will require a lot of back-and-forth between your target and the healing lair--sometimes up to 10 tries. If you have a lair in the country, you can safely teleport to any other lair and heal there, since Shadow Portal will allow you to teleport back instantly. If the closest lair isn't in the country but instead in a neighboring country, fly to that lair whenever you need to heal. With max Lair Healing and Dark Ritual, as well as the selected genes, you should just barely heal faster than the base. You can further decrease the needed time by using the active ability hotkey (which should be X) instead of clicking.

Stage 3: Preparation for the Plague Edit

Once you've taken out all of the Templar bases, the next step is just eliminating the problem island countries that are a pain to spread to. In no particular order, fly to and eliminate these countries:

  • Greenland
  • Iceland
  • Caribbean
  • Madagascar
  • Philippines
  • New Zealand
  • New Guinea

You don't need to worry about the vigilante popups or any emergency measures the countries are taking; the healing from Dark Ritual should be sufficient to heal faster than you take damage. Keep in mind that your Vampire will start to starve once a country is eliminated.

Once this is done, you should have at least 600 DNA points. If you don't, fly to Japan (of the remaining island countries, it is the most populated and has the most research facilities) and feed there until you do. Now to put them to use. It might be a good idea to save again before evolving Shadow Blessing

Stage 4: Unleash the Plague Edit

Once you've evolved Shadow Blessing, go to the Abilities page and purchase every ability that just unlocked, then go to the Transmissions page and evolve every transmission except Zoonotic Shift and anything linked to it--they increase the cure speed which isn't good. Then, go to the Symptoms and, in no particular order(you should have enough for all of these), evolve the following:

  • Dark Pustules
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Malignant Pigmentation
  • Latent Adaptation
  • Nocturnal
  • Anaemia
  • Pallor
  • Weeping Sores
  • Photophobia
  • Hyperdontia
  • Jugular Bite
  • Shadow Slaves
  • Muscular Hypotrophy
  • Masticatory Tension
  • Vampiric Awakening

If you have any leftover DNA, feel free to spend it on other infectivity-increasing symptoms.

Once this is done, things start to happen very fast.

  1. Once you get a red biohazard bubble from Japan, fly to the remaining island countries--Australia and Indonesia--and infect them.
  2. Keep checking the World Map (E key) for what countries are the top research contributors. Fly to them using your Shadow Portals to make most of the journey and stay there until the country is at least half infected, then check the World Map for the new highest contributor and repeat the process.
  3. If any research labs pop up, immediately fly to them and destroy them.
  4. If a new Vampire spawns, go to the Disease menu and re-evolve Vampiric Awakening. Don't worry about letting the new Vampire heal up first--it'll heal from Dark Ritual and Socially Awkward Bat anyway, so you can just put it to work straight away.
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Eventually, every country will be overwhelmed and you'll have won.

Strategy 4 (originally created by a Wikia Contributor) Edit

Meant to be used for Mega-Brutal.

Genetic Code Edit

Starting Countries per Continent Edit

Strategy Edit

  1. Start by evolving Lair, Night Wraith, Therianthropy and Blood Rage in that order.
  2. Place your first three lairs as soon as possible in any of the countries suggested above (maximum one per continent).
  3. Use all surplus DNA on evolving Adrenal Surge, Dark Infiltration, Shadow Blades & Demonic Fury.
  4. The Templar will most likely set up their HQs before you manage to evolve Shadow Blades.
  5. Once the Templar are active, evolve Dark Ritual 1 & Lair Healing 1.
  6. Take a note on how many HQs are activated. If they are more than 7, restart the game. You need 6 or 7 for this to work.
  7. Destroy the three or four (out of six or seven respectively) HQs that are the furthest away from any particular lair. You need to have one lair that is at least close enough to the last three remaining HQs. If they lairs spawn in an inconvenient spot, restart.
  8. Once you have only three HQs left, start doing hit 'n' run attack on all three without destroying any of them.
  9. Make sure you evolve Shadow Portal so that you can annihilate any drone attacks. All of your lairs must survive.
  10. Keep all three HQs in a close-to-death status. Once all three are below 20%, attack and destroy the furthest one away.
  11. Keep evolving the Blood Rage tree as soon as you can afford it.
  12. Continue performing hit 'n' run attacks on the remaining two lairs. Keeping them at low HP means that the airplanes arriving at them will not make their strength unbearable to deal with.
  13. Once both HQs are below 20%, destroy one of them.
  14. Finally, heal up and destroy the last one.
  15. Congrats! The HARD part is over. Let's move on to the BORING part.
  16. Maximize your Lairs and put one in each continent. You need to have a maximum of 6 in order to finish the game smoothly.
  17. Once your hubs are all set up, place your vampire in any of your six Lair countries, enable Blood Rage and start harvesting DNA.
  18. If the "Hunter Drones Released" or the "Special Forces Hunt Vampire" messages are listed in the country's profile, get the heck out! Your vampire might be randomly killed.
  19. Keep harvesting DNA and jumping from Lair to Lair until you have evolved every single Ability and you have stockpiled 700+ DNA on top of that.
  20. Once you have 700+ (half an hour of patience and boredom later), evolve the Shadow Blessing Symptom and evolve Vampiric Awakening so that you can send multiple vampires to any annoying islands.
  21. Evolve the new Abilities that were previously hidden and evolve every single Transmission at least once.
  22. Evolve all Symptoms up to, and including, Shadow Slaves.
  23. Use all freshly generated DNA to add additional symptoms. With some luck, you will have enough DNA in the end to not only win this but also unlock all the Shadow Plagues related combo achievements.
  24. Use your vampire soldiers to spread the plague to any island country that is evasive.
  25. The world should be infected relatively fast, and the cure will most likely never manage to progress beyond 35%.
  26. Congrats! You've done it!

Tips Edit

  • If you wish to avoid having to evolve Night Wraith and save your DNA Points for other Abilities, a useful country to start in is Peru. The country has a small population (2 million), and is a Poor Country, which makes it especially useful in Who Cares. Bolivia is also an excellent country for starting in Who Cares due to it being the poorest country in the world (only 2 Cure bottles).
  • Using Blood Rage to wipe out countries with high Cure ability, such as Iceland or Sweden, will allow you to attack the world with greater impunity and less worry about the Cure Effort decimating your vampire(s).
  • Island Countries, even the ones with little ability to contribute to the Cure Effort, can be a thorn in your side. It is advised that the Island Countries are to be devoured as soon as the Templar are exterminated.

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